Janice offers art workshops and elective programs at Art Adventures Studio as well as workshops in schools. She also accepts commissions from schools to create and paint murals with the children or on her own. Art programs can be designed to fit curriculum expectation, offering instruction with the newest media and techniques available.

With the implementation of Character Matters with in the York Region, Janice offers a new and exciting format in which to present these very important words. She works with the children to design images that best represents the words. The images and words are then created on silk banners ( 5"x3" or 6'x3' ) with a resist technique and beautiful silk dyes. These stunning silk banners are hung in various areas of the school creating a beautiful visual and portraying a greater understanding of the words. The banner images may also be created to portray other aspects of the school community.

Most importantly, is the congregation of the children to create the banners or murals, promoting school community and self-esteem.