Dear parents - Unfortunately we won't be offering Summer Art Camp this summer 2022. Thank you for all your inquiries, positive feedback and the children's enthusiasm to attend Art Camp. I greatly appreciate it and have missed creating art with the children. I hope to see you all next summer 2023 when we will resume summer camps. Have a lovely and safe summer.

Summer Camps 2020

The registration form is now available online.

Summer Camps, 2020

Costincludes all art supplies, frames, and a frozen treat each day. 

Camps fill quickly. Please book camp in advance of weeks wanted to avoid disappointment.


Registration has begun!


Please check with Janice in June by email or phone for further information on camps running for July and August 2020 due to Covid 19.

Contact Janice at or 416-831-6819 for further information, to register or to do an etransfer for camp payment.


Full week all day camp $330.00 + HST $42.90 = $372.90 (9:00am - 4:00pm)


Full weekhalf day camp $175.00 + HST $22.75 = $197.75 

(9:00am - 12:00pm or 1:00pm - 4:00pm)


Payment may be made by a cheque, etransfer or cash. 

If by etransfer please contact Janice. 


No post dated cheques please. Receipts will be given on first day of camp.

Please make cheques out to Art Adventures Studio Inc. 


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See all the amazing artwork created by our young artists!

Program 1
Weeks of July 6-10, July 20- 24, Aug 10-14
Please note: no camp week of Aug 3. 

Monday a.m. Artsy Aprons Chef, artist, scientist or nature lover. Which one are you! Design and paint your patterns with fabric paint and markers on your very own canvas apron. It's a great project to start the week. Wear it at camp or save it for special occasions. 

Monday p.m. Acrylic Painting with molding paste Draw and paint a beautiful still life painting with acrylics and molding paste to create texture on your painting. Various painting techniques will be taught as step by step follow along instructions are given. 

Tuesday a.m. Clay Bowl part 1 Working in air dry clay we will sculpt a large bowl and leave to dry over a few days. You will then design a beautiful radial symetry pattern to be drawn and painted inside the bowl when it is dry. 

Tuesday p.m. Silkscreen Printing part 1 We will begin by drawing a pattern then transfer it to your screen using drawing fluid. We will leave it to dry then prep your screen with screen filler and leave it to dry for one day. Part two; the printing of this project will be on Wednesday. 

Wednesday a.m. Oil Pastel Painting Create a beautiful floral and bird theme pastel painting based on various Mexican artists. We will be working on a heavy grit pastel paper with creamy oil pastels. Piece will be matted. 

Wednesday p.m. Silkscreen Printing part 2 You will be printing your amazing pattern onto print paper with printing inks. When they are dry you will choose two of your prints to be matted. 

Thursday a.m. Zentangle Desserts Create intriguing and intricate patterns in ice cream cones or cupcakes. Pattern will be created in pen and ink in the colour of your choice. We will be looking at various patterns from which to draw inspiration. Piece will be framed. 

Thursday p.m. Collage and Stencil art. Create a paper collage on canvas using solid colours in a triadic colour scheme. While it is drying you will choose a stencil pattern to paint over it in black to create a stunning and cool painting. 

Friday a.m. Clay part 2 We will be painting your fabulous pattern onto the inside of your hand made bowl with fluid acrylics. When dry a glaze will be applied. Please note this bowl is not to be used for food. 

Friday p.m. Drawing and Shading Sharpen your drawing and shading skills as we draw and shade a rabbit. We will be using various types of pencils and shading tools to create this one of a kind drawing. Piece will be matted.

Program 2 

Weeks of July 13-17, July 27-31, August 17-21
Please note no camp week of Aug 3

Monday a.m. Cyanotype Prints We will be working outdoors for a part of this project as we create interesting images on photosensitive paper. Pieces will be matted. 

Monday p.m. Watercolour Painting. Paint in watercolour a beautiful landscape that includes a bear, a camping tent, and a full moon. Very intriguing! We will be working on heavy watercolour paper. The painting will be framed

Tuesday a.m. Gold Resist and Acrylics on canvas part 1 Draw outlines of large flowers and pods on a black canvas then create an interesting patterned background around the flowers with gold resist. Resist will be left to dry. 

Tuesday p.m. Illusion Drawing. Learn how to fool the eye with unique techniques in drawing and shading. It’s amazing how artist can fool the eye with these cool images. Drawings will be done on illustration board. 

Wednesday a.m. Needle Felting/ Fiber Art We will be building layered images of a variety of flora and fauna as we create these beautiful, soft pieces of art with fluff wool roving on prefelt squares. This form of art can be best described as 'painting with wool'. Piece will be mounted. 

Wednesday p.m. Print Making Create and print fabulous surface patterns of African vases and their intriguing patterns. We will be looking at variety of African pottery and their surface patterns from which to gather inspiration. First you will choose a vase shape for your print block to be cut into. Your surface pattern will then be impressed into your block and you will create your prints from it. Piece will be matted. 

Thursday a.m. Gold Resist and Acrylics on canvas part 2 We will be painting the flowers and pods with acrylics then embellishing their centers with the resist to finish off the piece. 

Thursday p.m. Wood Wall Sculpture You will compose a visual 3D movement of form by attaching various sizes and shapes of wood blocks onto a wood canvas. We will then be painting various tonal colour combinations on some of your blocks. This creates interesting and beautiful liner patterns on your sculpture. 

Friday a.m. Trendy Sneaker Design Poster. Create your own brand and a fashionable poster with patterns for sneakers/ running shoes and start a trend! We will be looking at various images of shoe designs from which to gather inspiration. You will then use templates to draw and create your own designs. Next transfer your drawings to illustration board and ink them in with your choice of designer colours. 

Friday p.m. Drawing and Shading Learn various drawing and shading techniques as we draw an elegant Elk. We will be working on heavy drawing paper using various shades of pencils and shading tools. Piece will be matted.